Meet Our Board

Vinita Simpson Miller - Founder/CEO

Calling New York and Georgia home, I feel I have the best of both worlds.  Currently, I live in McDonough, Ga and work for the US Department of Education. 

In 2011, my life changed in ways I could not even imagine.  Having this amazing kid has made me a better person.  I remember when I was pregnant and I could literally feel God hug me and tell me it was going to be okay.  As I look back, I have to admit that He never said it would be easy.  This organization means so much to me.  I have seen so many amazing mothers raise boys and WE deserve OUR roses NOW.  The Queen and Her Prince was created to give practical solutions to everyday problems facing parents.  My goal is to see the narrative change….to spotlight mothers who have overcome the obstacles, while helping mothers who are facing them.

Now with the addition of my bonus son, I want to be sure I create a legacy that will make them proud.

With God’s help, I hope you will join me as we raise these boys to be successful men.  

Ralita Fowler - Secretary

I have lived in a lot of places but I now call Atlanta, Georgia my home. I am the mother of 6 daughters and the grandmother of 2 boys, 2 young men and 1 little princess.

My children are my "heart". I feel that God has given them to me for a purpose, and I will be held responsible for that purpose in the end. That is why it is so important to me to be able to help any mother to stay strong and finish her purpose.

 I feel that this organization is, first , ordained by God to uphold mothers who are raising sons to honor His name. This organization will be a village for mothers , who sometimes feel like they have hit a mountain and don't know how to get over it. I was once a single mom and to this day I thank God for my village.

Raising strong men who will lead the world one step at a time!!

Deirdre Van Cleave

I was born in Louisville, KY. I was raised in Decatur, Georgia where I currently reside. I am a caregiver for my youngest son.

As a passionate advocate for autism awareness and acceptance, I have dedicated my time and energy to educating others about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and helping families navigate the challenges that come with raising a child with autism. I am a dedicated mother of two awesome young men that are on the autism spectrum. In addition to my advocacy work, I am also an accomplished event planner and enjoy the WOW factor of my creative mind. I firmly believe that motherhood is a sacred honor and take great pride in my role as a mother, striving to provide my sons with the support and love they need to thrive. I also understand the unique challenges facing single mothers and their sons, which is why I am excited about being actively involved with The Queen and Her Prince that specifically serves and supports this population. I recognize the importance of providing these mothers with a community of support, resources, and empowerment to help them and their sons thrive despite any obstacles. I look forward to using my vast experience, compassion, and dedication to fulfill the mission of The Queen and Her Prince.

Iris Rose - Board Member

As a mother, educator, and minister,  my passion is supporting others with their life journey. I am a lifetime New York State resident.

My desire is for this organization to provide a platform of hope for all mothers and their sons. I would love for this organization to help the mother/son bond to flourish and ignite a passion for a powerful legacy. 

Tarsha Calloway

I was born and raised in Mississippi and lived in Michigan before I moved to Ellenwood, GA where I currently reside. Professionly, I'm the Assistant City Manager for the City of Ujion City.  

I've always loved children, in 2002 my nurturing nature and desire to provide a stable and loving environment for children led me to become a foster parent to two beautiful children. Being a foster parent allowed me to make a positive impact on the lives of those young children and gave me a new perspective and respect for all mothers but especially single mothers. 

In 2018 My husband and I were blessed to have our own son. Motherhood comes with challenges and joys and becoming a part of this organization allows me to continue to make a positive impact in the lives of other mothers and their sons.

Alesha Osburn